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“Since I was a child, cars have been a significant part of my life. I treasure the mechanic, the exclusivity, the design, and the overwhelming power of the engine. At my country home, Rhoden Gods, we have had our family garage for many years and held many events for other enthusiasts. It was here the idea of MY GARAGE arose.”


MY GARAGE was created to behold all elements that an assembly point for motor connaisseurs must hold. Therefore, we have endeavored to develop supreme frames for ideal storage, modern workshops, social gatherings, and a space for inspiration and room to focus on the vehicle as a passion. MY GARAGE is an exclusive network with space to immerse in those elements which make each car unique. MY GARAGE provides easy access to world-class professionals who help solve all your wishes and ambitions for your vehicle.

Our activities focus on the following four main areas:


At MY GARAGE, we collaborate with a range of carefully selected business partners who offers sales and leasing of classic- and luxury vehicles. Besides our partners, we furthermore operate our own sales department, SALES GARAGE.


The service you will experience at MY GARAGE is in a league of its own. We honor customer relations, and our maintenance and repair of vehicles are made of only the best partners and artisans. Among others, we are the home of authorized workshops such as Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Formula Automobile, Tesla, BMW & Mini.


We have 92 specially designed storage spaces where we storage premium and limited cars for private owners.


MY GARAGE is a rallying point for all who wish to be a part of it. At MY GARAGE, we facilitate meetings and events which provide friendships and new knowledge. We are a place where people meet and share their passion for all things automotive. Our ambition is to make an impression, to entertain and upgrade our visitors.

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